Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday Thoughts...

She seemed to have no inkling that life wasn’t as orderly as her pencil case and that everything is chance and at any moment any number of remarkable things can happen that are totally beyond our control, events that rip up our maps and re-polarize our compass –

Kate Atkinson, Emotionally Weird

This is such a pertinent quote for me today - when life got turned upside down in the nicest possible way and who'd have thought it would turn out like that?

I really enjoy Kate Atkinson's novels - she takes you to some interesting places and creates some good characters.  I love the use of the word 'inkling' here - I don't think we say it often enough! And I also love the idea of a very ordered pencil case where you can find just what you are looking for.

Life sure isn't always like that in this household. I seem to have a penchant for filing by piling - I get some degree of comfort from knowing that if something is within my vision I probably haven't misplaced it. Heaven only knows what things will look like when I really start losing my memory...

I guess here, she is also talking about those events that sideswipe you, lead you through a dark and difficult time, and again, who'd have thought? Who could see them coming?

But for us today it was a happy re-organising, an unexpected re-gaining of a lot of time. A job we had committed to do for work-work had to be moved and changed and in the end, that meant we couldn't do it. It was an intense load - over 5 weeks travelling all across the country, following by weeks of analysing and report writing so we are excited to now be staying home for a bit. Such pleasure and delight to be sitting on the mountain and not packing a bag to fly away.

So here's to those random happy moments when life gets turned upside down - to happy dances and tidy pencil cases!

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  1. Hear hear Fiona! I am happy to subscribe to your final statement and go with the flow. Ironically I'm currently reading 'Started early, took my dog' as I'm a paid up member of the Jackson Brodie fan club so I know what you mean about Kate Atkinson and her gift for language. Mind you, you have that gift too - 'piling for filing' is a gem and it's going into my vocabulary!

  2. Hi Fiona,
    Congrats on your altered plans and to being home, and what a great photo!

  3. So many truths in this post...
    Enjoy your unexpected "sitting on the mountain" time; it sounds like a gift!

  4. Breathe again..... lovely post. I'm into 'inklings' AND 'piling for filing'.... and those pencils are gorgeous.

  5. I think it's great both to embrace things beyond our control - don't have much choice do we? - and also have a healthy amount of imposed order in what we do have under control, at least for the moment! I'm glad what didn't work out for you ended up working out in another way, and that you have the wisdom to see it and make the most of it! Have a great weekend.

  6. I like your little phrase 'filing by piling' as I tend to have little piles all over the floor.. I also have the same motto-- out of sight out of mind.. so I like to have everything visible even if they are in piles.. glad your plans changed so you can stay home awhile..

  7. Oh Lesley how cool - Jackson Brodie is a beautiful, flawed character isn't he? Ah yes, filing by piling is me - enjoy the phrase!

    Thanks Jane - we are still thrilled to be staying home; and I agree its a great shot.

    Anna - a true gift for which I am grateful. We shall enjoy and continue to celebrate the random happy moments.

    Jo - yes, so good to be staying home for a bit. I love inkling too.

    G/TT - so true - the good and the bad we can't control; but good to tidy up the bits we can, when we can. I have been intrigued by our perspective on this loss of work - clearly a balance means much more to us at the moment.

    Donna - I'm pleased you too use the filing by piling system - it gives me great comfort to SEE the things I know I might need! I enjoyed imagining your little piles on the floor...

  8. fiona, i *organize* by pile. it's essential to see the stuff!

  9. Oh Velma - I agree totally! What happens if you can't see it!?! Chaos!


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