Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday Thoughts...

A curtain is dropped once the sun disappears. I love a night of its own colors, where green becomes myrtle, blue becomes violet, and crimson, a maroon. But most of all, I love a night where the moon is the absolute white, like the course sail of a grand ship, and, I love watching it steer, like an infernal comet, into a sea of stars.

Bedlam 78 (was

First the apology for not being able to attribute the words and quote to anything or anybody real (ish). I came across it on tumblr a while ago and when I went to find the original posting; the page had gone, had disappeared and I don't know who they are or who they were.  But I liked their words.

I thought the imagery of this was beautiful. I stopped and imagined that a curtain does fall at sunset; a sheer, slightly dark curtain that changes how we see colour. That deepens it.

The curtain gets slipped over the landscape, like a sensuous or mysterious cloak and things appear somewhat altered. I am not sure what colour myrtle is, but I imagine it deep and rich and velvety dark green. Things go from blue to violet and crimson to maroon - each time a hint of black being added to create the new colour. But it still holds the richness and beauty of its origins. It is never completely overtaken.

And then the moon. What a wonderful thing it is; what a marker of time, of seasons, of days, of weeks, of months. I am sure I have gazed as it steers into a sea of stars.

I'm not quite sure where this one came from or why I pondered on it but I simply loved the way it let me stop and re-imagine my world; to remember those moments when I had seen or felt as they described. The way things don't disappear into the darkness, but take on a new life.

Strangely it speaks of darkness again, and in a way that is welcoming and friendly and another form of beauty. Perhaps I am just drawn to dark beauty this week...

©2008 Fiona Dempster Sunset from the deck


  1. That's a beautiful sunset Fiona, very similar colour to the last few rises of the moon, we've had over this side of the hill - just stunning!

  2. What a great colour piece. I remember watching night clouds close in from across the sea when I was a kid and that curtain idea has never left me!

  3. Lovely quote, and I can't find it either. I Googled the first line and found two sites purporting to have it, but they didn't ... at least not on the page that was flagged.
    Aren't the sunsets wonderful (because of the fires)?

  4. Hi Kim - thanks, the colour was so strong

    Annie - you can almost see the curtain coming down in this shot as well - truly amazing colour.

    Thansk Jane - nature at its best and lucky to catch it!

    Jo - thanks for trying!! The colour the smoke offers is stunning.


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