Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Letter a Week - a few instalments

I have been somewhat remiss in not posting my letters. I have been doing them, but not in any systematic way, I'd have to say that this year has not been a systematic kind of year.  I can hardly believe its almost the end of September, and we are beginning to make Christmas plans, end of year plans and well into next year plans - how did that happen?

But I digress...

Here are some more of my fun folded letters.  The rainbow effect is coming through and I am still loving the spots in the negative space.  They are certainly each unique and individual and I continue to enjoy the making of them. Its intriguing to see how the different folds will produce the different forms. Letters are a constant source of fascination for me and its been lovely to explore them in such a different way - no pen in hand..

I probably need to get my act together and start on the finished piece - in the sense of designing it and building it and then getting onto adding the letters to it.  I think they look good against the black and will hopefully use a black background for them - still working out if I can manage to make them pop-out somehow!  Even if I don't, I expect they will still make me smile.

There are some amazing and fabulous letters and alphabets appearing over at a letter a week 2011 - its worth a quick visit for a lovely wander.


  1. These are quirky, and fun, Fiona. Love them.

  2. Love these letterforms....such a creative use of paper and the play of positive and negative to create the letter itself! Quite brilliant, I must say!

  3. Thanks Jo - quirky and fun are perfect descriptors!

    hi Patti - glad you enjoy them; its really quite clever isn't it how the letters appear?


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