Saturday, January 21, 2012

Red threads

I have been continuing to stitch paper using the sewing machine - despite the fire-risks - and am happy to report it has all been plain sailing since the smoking paper episode.

I am making progress on the piece I am testing out and am really enjoying the process and some of the off-shoots of it. Mostly these wonderful red threads that dangle off the side.

As you can see, I've stitched a lot of lines on paper!


  1. F-though quite mad I love the red thread images - excellent - and also good news on the lack of machine combustion. B

  2. Those red threads are making me swoon! What fantastic drawings they make! Good for you....stitching away!

  3. ~a vividly beautiful contrast against the white...happy to hear you are not up in smoke...didn't know there was such fire danger! will be waiting to see your completed projected all tangled and weaved into a thing of beauty...much love light and blessings~

  4. Interesting... but I'm not sure what the whole project looks like. Glad you haven't burnt the place down.

  5. the universe is working in funny ways today - i have been discussing with a friend work we are both doing using red thread... do you know of the chinese proverb? how each child is born with 'red threads tied to those s/he is destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. the thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.'

  6. Ah B - a little bit of mad never hurt right?!? F

    Thanks Ronnie - I suddenly see them as the basis for some other work now as well.

    V- Indeed!

    Hi Patti - so nice that we all find great beauty in the threads and the images they create. I am now thinking of the images quite differently and might have to go shoot some more!

    Many thanks Brandi - yes the sewing machine started smoking as I stitched the first time around - all safe now. Go well.

    Hi Jo - ye a fire-free zone is my goal. The whole is looking in many parts if that helps!

    Mary-Jane - how fascinating. I love the proverb and its great to know other folk are doing their red stitching here and there as well...

  7. Beautiful threads, Fiona. Not many people could make thread look so good!

  8. What a lovely post to come back to after my couple of months of staying away from the computer. Just love the red threads. I've read all your December and January posts, wonderful reading, beautiful work and photographs as always.

    I have an old treadle machine and was considering taking it apart but now you've made me think stitching could be a lot of fun...

  9. Who can resist all that vibrant red tangle of threads. Not me for sure.


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