Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday Thoughts...

The universe is a self-surprising arrangement, so as to avoid the monotony and boredom of knowing everything in advance.

Alan Watts

At the moment, most of my days appear to validate this idea.  It seems to me I have a bit of an idea of where they are headed or what might be happening; but in the end - off they go on some completely unexpected or unintended path and then they're done!

I had thought that the time between Christmas and New year would be quiet and empty and therefore ready to be filled by things and thoughts artistic. Instead our life and world has been filled by family and friends and visitors and entertaining which is all wonderful in its own way.

I like to have a bit of a plan; but I also think its good to be open to whatever appears; to take up unanticipated opportunities and revel in those serendipitous moments that magically arise.  I agree with Alan Watts - to know everything in advance would be akin to death by boredom for me. Despite having a preference for control (I can hear friends laughing and see family nodding) its good that life still surprises us and reminds us that we shouldn't, for a moment, really think we are in control!

This piece always makes me smile - it's called Budgerigar Dreaming by Ewari Nungala; telling the tale of a journey of the ancestral budgerigar spirits and the flight of the budgerigar.

Ordered paths with a little bit of chaos...


  1. "Ordered paths with a little bit of chaos..."

    That would be my life. Only...well...not quite so ordered since adopting the girls in February 2008. And lots of chaos! Good chaos, but chaos none the less.

    As an ex-accountant, it took a while after switching professions to learn that some of life's most wondrous moments are found midst the unplanned, the unexpected, the chaos.

  2. isn't it hard to be in the moment, without control, full of joy? that's what makes one happy. maybe that's why we make things, books, objects, cloths...

  3. Fiona, I read a quote the other day that said 'a goal without a plan is a wish' and it struck a chord with me as I am a reluctant planner. As much as I love the idea here of living in the moment and not knowing what comes next I also accept that I need some sort of framework to work within if I'm ever going to get things achieved.

  4. Jennifer - I think it describes my life perfectly as well! Its an amazing switch from accountant to artist -but the artist must always have been there.

    Velma - yes those moments are wonderful, and scary to sometimes.

    Lesley - I am more on your side than the free sprit a'wandering...I need to be reminded that those moments are fine to go follow the bliss; not to keep everything organised. But, without a plan; a list I would be hopeless.

  5. How does that John Lennon quote go? life happens when you make other plans.. or something like that.. I too like to make plans but am good at going with the flow.. trying not to get too upset over stuff.. taking deep breaths. have a wonderful warm new year.

  6. I seem to be having exactly the same experience recently! I even said much the same in my new post mere moments ago before I read yours here. I guess we are in synch in terms of the uneasy balance of order and chaos in our days! Whatever would we do with ourselves if everything went according to plan?

  7. Hi Donna - yes there's a balance to be had isn't there? Between having a sense of where you going; but allowing for the distraction and sidetracks along the way. And not getting upset or frustrated by them!

    Ah G/TT - I think life is just like this at the moment. A list and a plan help me enormously but I am trying more to be open to the random possibilities.


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