Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The whiteness...

We are in summer here and it has been a topsy turvy one to say the least. Last week we sweltered in high and record temperatures; this week we are sitting inside with jeans on as we watch the white mist and cloud and rain surround us.

Last summer was very wet; our state was badly flooded, and we even had to rescue our local Library. We have just passed the anniversary of the worst of it.  This summer they also predicted a wet one so we have been lucky to have avoided it thus far.

In anticipation, one day I was at the hardware centre I collected a stash of white paint cards; thinking I could take a photo of the mist each day that we woke in a white-out and compare it to a colour card.  I had some cunning plan to put the imagery together somehow (maybe in a blizzard book!) and call it "The Unbearable Whiteness of Summer". This worked quite well in theory - I took a photo each day (3 so far) and then tried to compare to a card. I had seriously gotten ahead of myself.

My camera settings and my printer settings are not things I fiddle with much and to cut a long story short - the photos all printed grey (the same grey) and looked nothing like the mist or the colour cards! Laugh.

So in the end I just selected the cards that looked most like my mornings and here's the first couple scanned.

Saturday 7 Jan 2012 - Mink Scorpio Half
Monday 16 Jan 2012 - Silent Delight
Tuesday 17 Jan 2012 - January Dawn
Imagine my surprise when I saw that last one's name!  How weird - January in Australia should be blazing bright gold and blue (and being woken up at 4.30am by the sun streaming in...). Perhaps it's a northern hemisphere colour?

It seemed like such a fun idea at the time, and given I have this enduring fascination with paint colours, I thought it would be brilliant! Never mind. Don't you just love that it is somebody's JOB to name colours? To allocate words to describe a tone or hue? More Brilliant!


  1. I'm laughing out loud at this!! Thanks. You're right - January dawn is exactly right for here, most days. Recently, we have been blessed with A LOT of sun and metallic dawns setting the skies on fire. It seems to have transformed changed January into something optimistic and not grey at all.

  2. I love the idea of this project...... and the idea of naming colours (I wonder where I should apply.... snort just realised I made a lame paint pun!)

  3. F-hmm!! just can't trust that technology - great idea though. And today it was a white January dawn. B

  4. January Dawn fits our weather this morning. Snow last night (only an inch) followed by rain created just that sort of mist. Too funny!

  5. Fiona,
    You can't imagine how many times I have said to my husband and "kids" that I want the job of naming paint colors!! Absolutely intriguing and sounds like such fun to me...

    As always, thanks for sharing...

  6. I'm a sucker for paint swatches too....but I've never gotten a great idea like yours. Love all the possibilities we just call white....yes, what a great job...to match language with color! Today, it is winter and it actually looks and feels like winter here....with another scant dusting of snow. Enjoy summer, no matter what the weather! Remembering your traumas from a year ago....glad all is well this year, so far! Best to you both!

  7. Love this idea Fiona, go for it. I think you are channelling Canada. Apparently the Inuit have a zillion names for snow.

  8. I love this idea - the paint names are so evocative and the blankness of the cards actually works! Once again, simplicity trumps over-complication!

  9. Your thoughts/ideas are lovely and the way you describe them is enchanting; always...

  10. Ah Annie - I'm glad you laughed; I could definitely see the funny side. Glad your January sounds so wonderful!

    Ronnie - I don't know how one applies (love the pun) but I've often wanted to! It's a fun idea - today no mist to wake to.

    B- it was indeed - fancy me being foiled by technology! Laugh!

    Jennifer - I'm glad January Dawn fitted somewhere - sounds right at home at your place!

    Helen - I know exactly what you mean! I've always been fascinated that somebody had to make the decision and match it to a colour. Such fun!

    Hi Patti - glad its feeling a bit like winter over your way. Yes last summer was no fun so we are all hoping for the best here. Sunshine now so I'm happy after about 9 inches of rain.

    My my my Liz - channelling Canada - how cool! (bad pun alert) I must follow up on that Inuit snow idea. It's fun so far anyway even if it's not quite what I planned...

    Thank you G/TT - I hadn't thought of the simplicity angle and it is kind of right isn't it?

    Thanks Anna - glad you enjoy. This is a fun idea that might yet work somehow...

  11. Great idea Fiona and you obviously don't need a photographic reminder of the weather to make it work.In fact I think the suggestive names and paint swatches work better on thier own Love those names. I want that paint chart naming job!

  12. Thanks Lesley - interesting isn't it? I have come to love their simplicity and solitariness and agree that they do not need to keep company with a photo. And oh - I'd love that job too!

  13. naming colors and ice cream flavors would be a wonderful job!

  14. There are soooo many 'whites' it would be a difficult task indeed. Strange weather for summer.

  15. Ah Velma - the added extra of naming ice creams - brilliant!


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