Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Progress with BAO

Well my editions for BookArtObject have been a'happening, and I surprised myself by packing up my first edition (A Subversive Stitch) and getting it into the post today (Tuesday). It is always such a good feeling to get the books on their way, travelling around the world and across the country to their new homes.

I am beginning to receive books from here and there so its good to be able to reciprocate and get my books out to my other group members.

Here is a sneak peek of the packages and the labels all ready to go... I'll post properly on the book once folk have received their copies.

My second edition is called "snow falling in daylight" and I have been having much fun with white on white and embossing.  I have been trying hard to get the fragility of the snowflakes across as well as the sense of whiteness of snow falling in daylight.  These little lovelies are edging closer as well and if I am really lucky, they will be on their way by the end of the week. We shall see...

Here are a few 'work-in-progress' type shots.

Stacks of creamy velvety Arches Velin paper.

A Swarowksi crystal atop a brass post.

Stacks of snowflakes, embossed and debossed.

I have pushed myself a bit further this time and tried to make editions of 20.  We need about nine or ten for the group exchange, for the author to receive a copy and for there to be a copy for exhibitions etc. I always like to keep a couple of books for myself, and that means I will have a few extras to offer for sale at the Open Studios in September - October.

It has also been a challenge to produce two editions, and I am pleased that I have been able to develop ideas and processes which have meant two editions are possible for me.  It is a great project to be involved in, not the least wonderful part being the receipt of other artists books to pore over, admire and enjoy.


  1. not one but two BAO editions completed - woof!

    can't wait to see the results.... its harder this time around though because I know I'll have itchy fingers wanting to touch and play with books that won't be coming my way.... like your 'stitch' and 'snow' creations..... bummer!

  2. I second the sentiment in Ronnie's comment! My fingers are twitching, wanting so badly to touch the papers, feel the stitching and embossing... This craving is enough to make one want to participate in the next go round. Are fiber artists allowed? Are cloth books allowed? Oh! Who am I kidding? I haven't the time...until September, that is. I'll just live vicariously through your posts and have to deal with twitchy fingers...

  3. These are gorgeous, I know the recipients will be thrilled!

  4. I like the words used to describe white on white.. as 'snow falling in daylight'.. what a wonderful project to be involved in.

  5. Both editions look fabulous, Fiona.
    Lucky, lucky recipients.

  6. love the final details of your red thread books - the recipients are going to be absolutely thrilled to pieces and am really enjoying what is happening with the snow flakes ..... can't wait to see and touch!

  7. F-well done - must be such a good feeling to have these ones on their way - I know the recipients will be excited by them. B

  8. I know Ronnie - it's hard seeing so many gorgeous ones go by so to speak...I got Terence's yesterday and you would LOVE it! It's utterly fabulous. Will definitely share whenever we next catch up.

    Next time I visit maybe I should bring along a few for show and tell? Thanks for the interest and intrigue Jennifer - I know that need to touch things; I am always rubbing my hands over paper bits, feeling it. Yum.

    Thank you Jane - I really hope so. About now one begins to wonder if they are good enough, but they'll just have to be.

    Thanks Donna - it is great and I love the diversity that appears. All of those words are so perfect aren't they?

    Hi Robyn - thanks! They are both quite different, but there are bits of me in both for sure. The first one has started me off down several new paths which are fun to follow.

    Thanks Susan - they are coming together which is great. Not long now till we do a show and tell I promise!

    Thanks B - yes edging closer feels like a big job is almost done.

  9. Beautiful shots of beautiful work...I love white on white!
    Every detail, including the "packaging" is just right! Thanks for sharing with us Fiona....wonderful!


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