Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday Thoughts...

“Don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It’s self-conscious and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can’t “try” to do things. You simply “must” do things.” 
Ray Bradbury

It's been a tough week in the Dempster-Smith household.  Barry got an infected heart covering (pericarditis), which caused him great pain and trouble breathing. An episode in Emergency meant he needed to be resuscitated with CPR, and he has since managed to get very damaged ribs, a collapsed lower left lung and possibly pneumonia. He is back in hospital for a bit, at least in Maleny this time, and getting excellent care and attention - and pain management.  Quite the time I must say!

For those who have known and sent him care, support and positive thoughts I say thanks. I never feel really sure about doing the personal versus the art thing on the blog, but I figure my absence from commenting on other's blogs, slowness in replying to comments people are making on mine, and my short but sweet posts probably need a bit of explanation.

But back to business...

The opening sentence of this quote pretty much describes me at the moment. Don't think!  But I really do like it as it applies to making, creating and doing. I find it's a funny old conversation you can have with your head when setting out or working your way thru a piece.  Sometimes I don't think and it just appears - Patti calls that "thinking with my hands". Sometimes I have a little quiet conversation with a friendly muse who hints, guides and send me down the right paths - again I'm not really thinking, just responding.  It's when a conversation starts that I'm in real trouble when I start over-thinking, second-guessing, almost arguing against myself and my ideas at times such that the pieces get really muddled and lose their way.

So often it seems to be about getting out of the way of yourself and letting the piece emerge.

I often think a lot before I begin - thinking still offers me a sense of comfort that I am at least doing something, and I have a plan (love a plan, like a list). Even if the piece deviates completely, I still like that bit at the beginning.

And just because I'm still a little bit in love with it, and it was a good example of NOT over-thinking, but responding, here's another glimpse of Seeking Solitude.

Thanks again for all the care.


  1. Fiona, I'm so sorry to hear about your husband and I wish him all the best for a speedy recovery. I know exactly what you mean….I try to keep it fairly work focussed on my blog, but after my husband's recent accident I felt compelled to share it. Partly because I knew it would have an affect on my blog and work and partly because I hoped to find comfort in doing so. I certainly did, people were very, very kind!

  2. please pass on a few very special hugs for barry (and hers some for you too ~~~~~). I'm so sorry to hear your news and I hope barry is back to full health very very soon.

  3. Wishing Barry a speedy recovery and hope he's soon home again. I love this dark window you've made. Wondering if that's the whole thing or if it's part of a bigger piece.

  4. Fiona, I often pop over to Barry's blog from your sidebar when I've read your lovely posts. Please send him best wishes from over here in the UK for a full and speedy recovery. I'm really sorry to hear about what you're both going through. Take care x

  5. It certainly sounded serious to me when Barry explained on his blog and I sincerely hope the worst is over. He is in good hands now and I hope that the care and rest will see him recover quickly. A worry for you my dear, and you are holding up well.

    As for the quote.... perhaps most of us suffer from overthinking in the beginning. It's when you lose yourself in the piece that magic happens.

  6. Dear Fiona, what a time you are having! So glad Barry is being monitored by medical staff who are giving him the specialized attention he needs. This takes some of the pressure off you doesn't it? He must be appreciating all your focused and healing love.

    Thinking positive thoughts for Barry's quick recovery and sending cyber hugs to you both.

    I love your Seeking Solitude image.One of my favourites.

  7. My dear Fiona, I was dismayed to read that Barry now has pneumonia and is back in the hospital, but know that the medical staff are giving him the best care possible.

    Love the quote. How could I not when one of my mantras is "just do it"?

    Sending love, healing thoughts and huge hugs to you both.

  8. What a time you and Barry are going through! I'll be keeping you both in my prayers and hoping he'll be home very soon. Meanwhile, the 'don't think' quote really struck home for me: I have often done my best work when I just create without thinking too much.

  9. F, I'm sure all your followers will accept this deviation from strictly business to a more personal post. So so sorry to hear that Barry is back in the hospital. I know he enjoyed photographing institutional ceilings, but this goes too far in pursuit of art! Seriously, please send him my very best. He's a tough character, and I expect him home (and back blogging) in no time. As for your quote - couldn't agree more that plans and lists are a wonderful launch point, but only if you know they will be completely obsolete by the time the piece takes off in its own direction!

    Take care, stay well.

  10. So intense! Sorry to hear that Barry is back in the hospital, but glad to know that he is getting great care. Healing blessings to both of you!!

  11. So sorry to hear that Barry is ill, wishing Barry a speedy recovery and sending all the best to you both.

  12. I don't know you or Barry, but our lives are our business, too, so I'm very glad you shared your life here. I'm very sorry to hear of these difficulties, but also heartened to know the resuscitation (albeit painful afterwards) did work and that he is mending. It must have been terribly frightening for all of you.

  13. Sending get well quickly wishes to Barry. I enjoy his blog too and hope he will soon be recovered and back to doing what he loves!

  14. Hello Fiona I am sorry to read about Barry's health at present and wish you both a good recovery and best wishes .

  15. thinking of you both with much love. x te

  16. Wishing Barry speedy recovery - that he is getting professional care must be a weight off your mind, but I hope he in back to health soon.
    I really resonate with the 'don't think too much' - I often get in my own way...

  17. sigh, sorry barry is back in hospital. sending love and care, and reminding you, fiona, to take care of yourself through all this hard time.

  18. Hi Suzie - the synchronicity is amazing; and their names even rhyme! thanks for the OK re personal sharing too - I felt strangely dishonest not disclosing.

    Thanks Ronnie - have passed them on. He is doing OK, we'd rather have him home, but needs to be there for a bit.

    Thank you Annie - the wishes are winging their way across the oceans. This dark window is a close up of my pebble in the book I made with Susan...

    Thank you Lesley - I'll pass the wishes on and thank you for your care and concern. I hope to have him home soon.

    Thanks Jo - yes all pretty horrid really, but hopefully headed in the right direction now. I agree - overthinking should be banned!

    Hi Robyn - thank you for your support - I shall pass it on in full! Hospital is always funny mix - you relax because they are getting cared for, but you know they don't get much rest...but he's in the right place for sure. I like SS too!

    Dear Jennifer - thanks for all the ongoing care across the miles, Barry enjoyed hearing from you. Just do it is a good one!

    Thanks Jane - your care and support is very welcome. I agree about trying not to think too much - we can just tie ourselves up in knots!

    Hi G/TT - thanks for the deviation permission confirmation! I am sure he will be back bigger and better than ever soon - but it's all just a bit wearing. In the meantime, I shall continue to not think! Go well.

  19. Thanks for the healing blessings Valerianna - we'll take as many as you can send!

    Thank you Liz - I hope he is heading in the right direction now, slowly and steadily.

    Thank you Teri - it's true our lives are our business too, and I did feel odd 'pretending' on my blog that all was well, so it feels better to have let folk in on that bit of our lives. Thanks for your care and concern, go well.

    Thanks Deborah - I'll pass your wishes on and I too hope he'll be back doing what he loves soon.

    Thank you Alison, it's been tough but getting slightly easier I think...

    Hi Trace - thanks for the wishes and care across the country.

    Thanks Stregata - I shall end your best wishes on! A speedy recovery would be a fine thing. I am also pleased to know that I'm not the only one who can get in their won way sometimes with thinking. Go well.

    Thanks Velma - Big sigh. I am doing OK - have lots of care and support around me and am making sure I eat and sleep; but there's no doubt - it's tiring! Thanks again.

  20. Hi Fiona....once again I am behind on my blog reading....and of course, so sorry to hear that Barry is back in the hospital. Do take it easy....both of you and wishing you both well and speedy recovery for Barry. This was a wonderful post....and how is that we feel we must separate the personal from the art side of our's really all one....that knowing voice inside us knows. Thank you for the reminder.....I was about to make a list, but will make it in small letters so it doesn't rule the day!! Warm, healing wishes coming your way! -- P.

  21. Wow. I'm so sorry to hear about health challenges. We are all humbled in these events, reminded of what truly matters. Wishing you and yours a positive outcome and the strength to manage the challenges.

  22. dear Fiona and Barry - sending love and healing thoughts your way - hoping that all returns to wellness and thankful to hear that you have good care...

    xox - eb.

  23. Dear Fiona, I am so sorry about what you and Barry are going through. I have been there with Gustao's health troubles. I hope that all is going to be good very soo. Hugs to both, Mariella.


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