Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Snow falling in daylight...

The second book in my bookartobject project this year has also gone out into the world and I can now talk about it a bit. I am also beginning to receive a couple of other books from some folk in my groups so I shall share those soon as well.

I think I chose this title because I love the look of white on white – which is how I imagined the world might look when snow fell in daylight. I embossed and debossed snowflake images I created myself and stacked them as I thought about how they fall and pile up.

I left the edges of the pages a bit frayed – like the feathering of snowflakes, and I knew I wanted to have a really delicate, loose binding that gave the sense of the fragility of the snowflakes – not something rigid and bound.

The Swarowski crystal set atop the book continues the sense of frailty and delicacy.

 The words in the middle are mine – again, how I imagine the world might be in daylight snow.

In the end, it’s a little book of snowflakes.

It is quite small, the squares are only 8cm x 8cm and I made an edition of twenty, so I have some spares for swapping, or for selling through the studio.

Thank you for all the care and support for me and for Barry during this tough time. Sadly, he went backwards on Friday and was transferred back to a major hospital in another town nearby.  He is taking slow and little steps forward.


  1. These are beautiful little books Fiona. I obviously don't know either you or Barry but I am a regular reader of your blog and I am sorry to hear he has been so poorly and send best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  2. An exquisite little book! I think the size adds to this little books appeal. Please give Barry a gentle hug from me, Fiona. Sending you love. xox

  3. Once again you've pushed the boundaries of what can be considered a book - this one has gone beyond simply using a snowflake motif and has itself become a delicate snowfall in its own right! Fragile, timeless...

    Please convey our love and very best wishes to Barry.

  4. What a beautiful execution of your concept - the book is so evocative of snow and silence and a sense of peacefulness.
    I hope that things are finally improving for Barrie this week...it must be a very unbalanced-feeling period. May things return to normal soon...

  5. Pam and I are sending love from the other Oz. You've been on our minds and in the studio with us.

  6. just beautiful Fiona. Beautiful, gentle ..... your white on white. Not unlike you really. x

  7. That book is fabulous Fiona. It has a fragile strength.. if that makes sense? Pass on regards from across the ocean to Barry for a marked improvement in his health. You are both in my thoughts.

  8. The book is just gorgeous; so fragile and pure.
    I do hope Barry is better very soon.

  9. barry's been on my mind, and am sending much love and positive energy.

  10. Thank heavens for your work Fiona. Barry's condition must be preying on your mind and creating probably takes the edge off it all. Gorgeous book... very YOU. I've never heard of 'debossing'.

  11. Fiona, this book is absolutely beautiful - fragile, ethereal, crisp. The crystal adds the perfect touch.

    I only realised tonight that Barry is ill and my heart and thoughts go out to you both. Get well, Barry, and both of you, go well.

  12. Thanks Gina - it's lovely to receive well wishes from folk we don't really yet 'know', yet who connect with us. I'm glad you like the books as well. Go well.

    Thanks Robyn - they sit in your hand a bit like a snowflake could. Shall send gentle hugs his way for sure.

    Thanks G/TT - it felt a bit like that to me, as if I'd caught the snowflakes and kept them from melting. your best wishes are on their way to the boy...

    Hi Lisa - thanks! I'm glad the wee book feels like that to you. I too am hoping for a return to normal of sorts, soon.

    Thanks J - the other Oz I love it!

    Thank you Susan - I do so love white on white...

    Thanks Lesley - what a lovely way to put it fragile strength. We are receiving those thoughts and wishes across the oceans - many thanks.

    Thanks Suzie - on the mend as we speak! I'm pleased the fragility comes thru.

    Thanks Velma - it's bit a bit tough but I think he is heading in the right direction, may even be home soon.

    Hi Jo - thanks; I think they are a bit like me in the sense they look like my work for sure. Debossing is kind of like using the bit that came out of the template as the thing you press - which means that area goes down whilst the rest of the paper stays up, if that makes any sense at all!

    Thank you Carol - it is a thing of fragile beauty I hope and I'm glad you like the crystal; it seems so right just sitting there! Thoughts and wishes are on their way to Barry - thank you.


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