Sunday, May 13, 2012

A weekend of bibs and bobs

We are having some of that perfect autumn weather - beautiful blue skies, clear nights, crisp mornings and sunny sunny days. The sort of weather that just makes you feel good.

In amongst the odd saga (oven breaking when dinner party cooking needing to be done) I managed to get in and sort, organise, plan, wrap and finish some pieces - not necessarily in that order!

I have wrapped my little 'snow falling in daylight' book which is the second edition for BookArtObject for the year for me. Tomorrow I shall pop them in the post, and then in about 10 days I'll be able to share their story more.

Here are the packed parcels...

We also have another COMA exhibition coming up. It seems to have come around rather quickly I must say.  It is being held in our favourite book shop in town Rosetta Books, and the theme is the western zodiac.  The show will run from 1 June 2012 - 22 June 2012.

I felt it was necessary to make a book if the work was going to be in bookshop, so I have had heaps of fun and here are some more work in progress type shots.

Anybody spot the little machine-sewing-on-paper addiction that is happening here?!?

The book is well on it's way - needs some covers and a tie than it's ready to go. And I'm even early!


  1. Wow 2 BOA editions complete...I am now feeling like the white rabbit...I'm late, I'm late.

    Congratulations, looking forward to reading all about the making.

  2. echoes???? yes. but beautiful ones ....
    Not only does the thread work look beautiful but it photographs beautifully too.

  3. Its kind of a celebration with all the silvery threads winding here and there.

  4. two BAO editions done and dusted? gosh I haven't even started to think about starting! well done you!

  5. I'm with Valerianna. Looks very festive and I can tell you're having fun.

  6. Good luck Vicki -I found once I got started I was fine and quite engaged with the books so that spare moments went on the books.

    Hi Susan - thanks! Yes the lines photograph so beautifully, the lines, the lines!

    Thanks Valerianna - it is a happy little dancing kind of celebration I agree!

    Thanks Ronnie - I have a few more deadlines that forced me into focussing on these early, or never! Have fun pondering and creating

    Thanks Annie - it was a bit of fun, and I've discovered when all else fails and you don't know what to do - stitch!


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