Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Catching up

I have mentioned before how fortunate I have been to meet some blog friends face to face.  It always seems to me that I am meeting friends, even tho we've never really met and I sometimes have no idea of what they look like.

And so it was last week in Pembrokeshire Wales.  Barry and I headed south to catch up with Lesley from the blog Printed Material (apologies once more for the inability to link, but her blog should be in my sidebar).

We had the most fabulous of times, chatting and nattering as if we were long lost friends who hadn't seen each other in a while. It was special.

The weather was magnificent and we visited lots of delightful places together. You know somebody gets you when every suggestion for a visit is pitch perfect, and it was!

We visited St David's together - the cathedral is stunning - and Lesley knew where to find the age old graffiti which of course appealed!

As we wandered Lesley was patient as we stopped to photograph those things that artist folk stop and photograph - like the vapour trails that end up looking like abstract calligraphy or asemic writing of sorts.

The geographically named Goat St Gallery in St David's is one of those spaces you walk into and just melt like warm caramel when you look around you. Every piece speaks to you quietly and gently and you can imagine them all heading home with you one way or another. It was a real treat.

We headed off to lunch at Porthgain and the tide was well and truly out.

We carried on further to Nevern Church which had some Ogham script along the window sill, and we then enjoyed a wander through the church graveyard. 

I found more lettering of interest and exclaimed in wonder at much of it.

I loved the variant of "w"

And again how the carver had to squeeze a letter in to finish the line. Vault I think...

and then I loved the dot above the capital I and was thrilled to see the faintest of score marks for the guidelines across the stone. Somehow makes the links to the work I still do today.

Outside the church was this fabulous set of mounting steps, used to allow the ladies to enter their horse-drawn coach without having to do a big inelegant scramble!

And we finished our day together at the Neolithic burial chamber Pentre Ifan. An amazing structure and like every other time I wondered how on earth they got those massive stones up there and could work out how to balance them so perfectly.

A full and beautiful day with time spent with a kindred spirit. Until next time!


  1. Such a fascinating post, as always. Thank you for sharing the highlights of what most be an utterly delightful vacation.

    1. Thanks so much Stephanie and sorry for my tardy reply. It was great holiday and we saw so many marvellous things...go well.

  2. How lovely to have met up with Lesley on your trip. I have a treasured jug that came from the Goat St Gallery.

    1. It was soooo special Gina, a real highlight! I envy you your jug, there were so many beautiful pieces in that gallery.

  3. It really was the best of days and lovely to see where I live through the eyes of another. I will never be able to look at memorial stones again Fiona without searching for the mistakes or evidence of their layout and construction. Until next time? I hope so!

    1. It really was the best of days Lesley - now we are home and I am still playing catch ups. I so enjoyed looking at all that lettering on memorial stones and seeing the personal touches. Go well.


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