Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thursday Thoughts...

“We have to create, it is the only thing louder than destruction.” 

Andrea Gibson

It seems to me that as artists we need to be creating in amongst the difficulty and madness that seems to be all around. I think more than ever artists are needed to show the world beauty and serenity; collaboration and wonder.

I can't bear the thought of living in these days without the beauty of art to lift me, to elevate me, to evoke a feeling of hope and connection. It does me so much good to know that there are people out there making art and people out there viewing art and buying art.

It feels so positive.

To create is to have faith in the future; to have hope and to believe that there is a future. To make and to create.  Creating and making matter and we need more of it.

It doesn't have to big art, or clever art or special art - we just have to create.


  1. I believe this is absolutely true - art feeds the soul, in a world where many have lost belief in anything positive. There was a thoughtful article you might enjoy on Common Dreams site about how important art is to people in poverty:

    1. Thanks Sharmon, art can truly lift us I think and it ha over the ages. It is almost a quiet protest that we keep making....

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, and not just for art's sake, but for all our sakes I think! Go well.

  3. making art gives our lives solace & purpose, can't imagine a life without it

    1. It does all of that Mo, it is so so important. Go well.


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