Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Outdoor sculpture

As we continue to wander and wend our way through Scotland, we have seen some fabulous art. In galleries, in coffee shops, in studios and in the outdoors.

We came across this beautiful work in John O'Groats this afternoon.  Inspired by the massive under sea boulders that move through the Pentland Firth, the waters off the coast here.

And what a beautiful blue sky.

Before we left the island of Harris and Lewis, we found these beautiful images built into a dry stone wall at St Clement's church in Rodal, right at the very bottom of Harris.

The front wall of the churchyard had been re-built and someone with imagination and care, had designed these two elements into it. I'm not sure if one is the sun or a daisy - but either option makes me smile!

And prior to that, we visited Calgary Art in Nature, at Calgary on the Isle of Mull. There was a wonderful woodland sculpture walk, and we came across some beautiful pieces...

Sadly I have lost the brochure which says whose is whose, but here they are, beautiful but unattributed.

A woven willow arch - with new shoots abounding!

Rusty steel and pebbles, what more could I want?

Looking back at the series of rusty pieces.

And a carved oak tree.

So we head further north again tomorrow - to the Orkney Islands, may the magic continue.


  1. How lovely! Thanks for sharing the sculptures and carving.
    Sandy in the UK

    1. They have all been great Sandy and we have seen even more now!

  2. What a fabulous place, Fiona! Your photos, and Barry's, have been just wonderful!

    1. Glad you can be enjoying our trip with us Carol!


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