Sunday, April 10, 2016

Stones on Lewis

Barry and I have moved north a bit and across the Minch to Harris and Lewis. We are staying in Harris but drove up the way to Lewis today to see the Callanish Stones.

I love standing stones and stone circles and have had adventures getting to some over the years - last week on Mull I fell in a bog up to my knee as we tried to reach some!

Today, although I knew that these stones would be special, I found myself without words at times ; their gentle power spreading all around me.

We woke to Spring snow on the mountains

Then travelled to the Stones.

A large circle with avenues of stones leading to it. The mystery and wonder of it all.

A great and overcast day made them seem even moodier. And as the sun struggled to make even a chink in the leaden sky, a glow manifested.

A serene setting.

Surrounded and created by many textures.

Clearly the wid blows at times...

We finished our trip to the top of the island by visiting a traditional black house.  Such a day of age old wonder and interest.

But the grey skies had been cheered by this gorgeous pac-man type artwork on the side of a building in Ullapool as we waited to catch the ferry across. It made me smile!


  1. Have you visited Orkney? We spent a fantastic week there last year and loved the powerful atmosphere of the Stones of Stennes and the Ring of Brodgar. Despite other visitors the peace in both was tangible, though they are both best visited at the start and end of the day.

    1. Headed that way next Margaret! Looking forward to their special magic. Go well.


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