Tuesday, July 4, 2017

At the end of a run...

After Barry and I finished printing the first of the letterpress and etching pieces for the Sydney Contemporary in September; we still had ink on the plate, and the type was still locked up; there were sheets of paper cut and ready to go, so we did a little bit of extra printing... mostly overprinting.

We started with a single print, then turned it 90 degrees and printed.

And kept turning it 90 degrees, and then also just doing one at 180 degrees...

We were having fun! Four prints, three turns...

And lots of interesting details.

There is a story to be told in there somewhere... just not sure which direction it reads.
This way.

Or that way.

It's nice when one job leads to another idea; and now this work will wait for me to tell its story properly. I know it's in there somewhere...

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