Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The bits and pieces of studio days

Having broken my multiple projects down into further multiple tasks, I find myself doing bits of this and that most days I make it the studio.

But still, I am making progress.

In between times I did some book marks for guests at the Celebration of Books.

 A few practises here and there and oh, that red dot must have been practiced here as well!

And then because you can, more bookmarks just in case.

Practising calligraphic layouts to accompany the etchings on the wall. I am trying to have siblings in a way - letterpress words and calligraphic words.  I have clearly changed from my early play with balsa and upright to return to my heartbeat script. 

I like it when it is dense and it offers that tricky reading experience I am trying for with both the letterpress and calligraphy.

It felt to me as if reading about these issues shouldn't be easy and flowing; the reading should jar and jolt and be hard to read somehow. And so I try to make that a part of the experience of engaging with the work.

 Getting there...

And then to practising some stamped words that will appear in the books, alongside the titles of each piece that hangs on the wall. Again, aiming for siblings - the books and the wall works will be related but the books are not a direct replica of what is on the wall.

Forever testing, measuring, comparing...

Using up some ink after letterpress printing, making small thank you cards.

And loving those moments when you go what if I just turn the paper around a few times?

 And feeling truly thankful as I wander back from the studio to the house - and smile at these wee folk.

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