Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Poetry on the Precinct

I was way too tired to blog on Sunday - we had just had the most successful and fabulous Celebration of Books weekend and I fell in  a heap.

In fact I think I was so busy I barely got a moment to take a photograph so I am relying on others to show you a few bits of the day. Barry took all of these photos I think...

The main event I was responsible for was Poetry on the Precinct.  We chose a gorgeous spot, under a huge old tree that looked out over the community precinct land.

The sun shone, the wind blew but we had a great time.

We were welcomed by the group Joy of Singing Maleny who sang about community and welcome.

The work of six local poets was read by 4 local poets.

Each was different and each was perfect. It was an amazing collection of superb poetry and we were all so lucky to listen.  The wind made it hard for some of the voices to carry; but we learnt a lot and there will be changes if we do it again next year.

Angela Gardner of lighttrappress opened,

and was followed by Robyn Nugent who read her own work, and the work of her daughter Sophie.

I MC'd my way along with the wind in my hair...

Elsie Brimblecombe is a local artist and poet.

Vivi Mohan is an up and coming local poet, who read her own work and that of her mother MTC Cronin - an internationally renowned poet - who was ill on the day.

The final panorama shot - such a gorgeous day filled with beautiful words. I think I said at the end that poetry is the perfect form. No matter where you are in your life or what you are experiencing, poetry has a way of being able to describe it, help you with it, and offer solace or celebration.


  1. Sounds like my sort of day.

  2. A great day for literature and the spirit. Big congratulations to the Celebration of the Books team. B

    1. Thanks so much B for all your help - team effort!


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