Tuesday, July 11, 2017


There's  a song line "the beat goes on..." and for sure in the studio here  it's "the printing goes on...".

I have broken up the mammoth task of printing all of these prints and making a couple of books into small, manageable steps, and I seem to be making progress.

I rarely get a full day in the studio where I can go straight through and achieve great things; my time is usually more fragmented than that, and I need to have achievable goals.  Plus with printmaking and printing - the ink has to dry...

I managed to do the letterpress around the etching on Sunday which is great - so that is now two prints ready to stack and store until I add the red highlights.

This is the print the asks the question "what does gender equality have to do with it?".

There are the 12 prints, from which I can select  five for the edition. Plus a few spare text pieces, where I made add a different element in at some point.

The etching that talks about equality and inequality - and where I need to practice the location of the red circle!

I have printed the etching for three of the prints that will go together for the book. Hopefully I will get time in the next day or so to have the fourth etching printed for the book.  The books will also have calligraphy in them and a letterpress title page, and possibly a colophon if I can manage it.  Time will tell.

I have managed to do the etchings for a couple of the calligraphic pages as well - so two down and two two go.  At times it feels like a massive project management job - keeping track of where I am up to and where I need to be by certain times; and hoping that I am maximising my time in the studio and the ink on my presses.

Each and every experience like this just teaches you so much - solidifies your understanding of techniques and ways in which you do things.  I would love to be able to sit back and observe as a third party sometimes.

And at the end of the day - sunset.


  1. I'm really enjoying watching the development of this set of work, both the finished prints and the experiments with the left over ink

    1. Thanks Jac - there is so much going on it is hard to keep track; but there is method to my madness I think. It has been a lovely reveal in its own way; the way the work suggests just what it needs and the next steps. Go well.

  2. look forward to seeing you & your work at the Sydney Contemporary Art Fair


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