Sunday, February 18, 2018

Rust on the block

It has been busy start of the year for us with lots of travel - some expected and planned; some not; some just rather serendipitous.

So here we are, far far away from home, yet before we left I really enjoyed a good wander on the block and found all of this rust perched here and there.

It somehow always feels right to me to come across rusty things, weathering away.  I love the story they tell, I love how they nestle in the landscape; they certainly feel like home to me.

Rusting cogs on an old tree stump.

Rusty bibs and bobs on old posts near the studio. We plan to actually make this a 'proper' artwork; just have to find the time to play with and secure all the pieces

I think these are old oil cans - again perched on post outside the studio, surrounded by draping rusted chains.

And some stunning barbed wire spheres - I love these so much!

And so to the typewriter sculpture...

Here it is in the rain a few weeks after putting it outside.

And here it is a month or so later, after more rain...

Little leaves landing in the keys.

 The rain washing words away

I love how thin the paper is getting in places.

And lovely rusty details.

I love travelling, but I really love being at home.  Whenever we return, we head off on a 'boundary ride' to re-familiarise ourselves with the plants and the sculptures and the view.  It is always interesting to see what's happened next with the rusty bits...


I appreciate your thoughts and comments; thanks for taking the time.