Sunday, February 11, 2018

When your mind goes a'wandering

As I mentioned last weekend, it seems I have something in mind but yet nothing in mind. And so again, I was tempted to just try this out.

I headed to the studio and sat there gathering the things that I had thought I might need as I followed this random though about stitching and circles...

I played with my circle cutters - and patted myself on the back for having taken the time awhile ago to do a bunch of templates describing which bits ti use in which way to get a circle the size you need.

Here I wanted a 3.5cm diameter circle, and learn that I had to use the small template, inner tracks with the red cutter! Yay.

I founds some offcuts of paper (easier to do after sorting out my paper drawers - oh the bliss and sense of righteousness I felt after all that sorting and tidying!!); worked out where on a 'page' the circle might sit and cut one out.

I selected a series of embroidery threads, separated the strands out and used a single strand of this baby blue.

I always pierce the holes in paper before I stitch it - too much risk that I'll use so much force to push the needle though that I'll rip the paper. It is highly resistant and disasters can happen.

I like that the holes are aligned, yet slightly haphazard.

So around I went in blanket stitch; must be my all time favourite stitch. Does anybody else have a favourite stitch?

And the first row was complete.

And then I wanted to test a few ideas - how did running stitch go? leaving alternate lines and gaps. How did back stitch go? creating a single line.

They both offer quite different effects.

And then I punched the next row of holes; getting slightly more haphazard as I go!

 The next day I did another row of blanket stitch, enjoying solving the problems of the wobbles.

It is early days yet. It is in response to one of those fleeting notions; that you can sort of see out of the corner of your mind's eye yet don't really know what form it takes.

I am enjoying going along for the wander tho. 


  1. And a wandering we will go ...... will be fun to see where this one takes you Fiona.

    1. Not too far yet, but I know I need to do something like this...

  2. your circling reminds me of the young boy circling to find his way in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon

  3. If I had to choose one stitch, it would be backstitch in all its manifestations ... connected, disconnected, split ... short, long and everything in between ... endlessly mutable and capable of merging disparate layers into one strong whole. That being said, running and blanket stitches are much-loved kindred shape-shifters.

    This project promises to be fun to watch as it drifts from the corner of your eye into full view. Thanks for sharing its becoming.

    1. Back stitch is a truly wonderful stitch Liz - an absolute go-to for pretty much anything (especially handwriting!). I think I love the order of blanket stitch, the regularity and rhythm of it. Not sure where I'm headed or when I'll arrived, but I have begun...

  4. Interesting experiments with endless possibilities! I like stitching into soft handmade paper with some rag content. You can put a wash of PVA glue mixed with water over soft papers to protect them from tearing.
    I have many favourite stitches- the loopy ones that go 3d, seeding and french knots for textures, straight stitch for simplicity.

    1. Good tip re the PVA wash Louise - thanks! I do like the loose ends that appear sometimes and the textures on the surface. I do find stitching into paper one of the loveliest things to do - funny isn't it? Go well.

  5. love this, but then have stitched circles in past, and have current project based on circles.

  6. this looks like a promising project !


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