Thursday, February 22, 2018

Thursday Thoughts...

"A library is a hospital for the mind". 


I imagine in the most basic sense that a library could contain within it the world of medicine and therapy and treatment such as you might need in an actual hospital.  Yet I am sure the quote by persons unknown is really suggesting that no matter what ails you; there will be a book in a library that will aid and assist you.

Time spent gazing at gardening books can be so soothing; poring over architecture and grand home designs can be uplifting when you think about beautiful spaces in which to live; cook books can definitely help most issues; and of course self-help is there when you need it too!  Art books can fill holes in your arty soul when you can't be making and so many other wonders are there.  You name it; there's a book for that!

Just search the catalogue...Prague.


  1. Oh ... I do miss the serendipity of card catalogs (even as I love online catalogs for their effectiveness)

    Likewise, the current trend toward warehousing library books offsite, stored by size rather than by subject to maximize space utilization, completely eliminates the opportunity to browse shelves and find an unexpected treasure close by whatever book was being sought.

    Future generations may never know what they are missing ...

    1. Cataloguing impacts enormously on those serendipitous moments doesn't it? Who knew that how we choose to store allocate and align things could change behaviour? I guess a lot of folk know that, but it struck me when you said this!

  2. I love books and book stores and libraries but really don't enjoy any time in hospitals whatsoever!

    1. Yeah, not much to be said for spending time in hospital; unless someone has had a baby its generally not great.


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