Thursday, February 8, 2018

Thursday Thoughts...

“There are poems 
that are never written, 
that simply move across 
the mind 
like skywriting 
on a still day; 
slowly the first word 
drifts west, 
the last letters dissolve 
on the tongue, 
and what is left 
is the pure blue 
of insight, 
without cloud 
or comfort.” 

Linda Pastan, “There Are Poems”

As an artist using words, turning to words, slightly in love with words, this poem about unwritten poems thrills me.

The words are so beautiful, and they evoke for me those moments of staring at the sky, when messages appear, drift, disappear, dissolve, reunite...and you are never really sure what was there before what you can see now.

Sometimes those drifts occur in our minds, when we experience ideas and designs, passing through, possibly something; maybe nothing.  Sometimes they are beautiful but we just can't catch them. Sometimes we have to accept that we had them for a moment and that was all that is needed. Sometimes they are held as memories, which then become sparks for something else.

The ability to describe these moments as poems that are never written...oh my.

Skywritten messages in the big blue, Stockholm 2017.


  1. I am playing catch up with blog reading and have loved reading all the posts that I've missed from you in the past few weeks or so. Loved the waxed papers. I always think they look beautiful stitched into books and the photos of the cooling wax cry out to be layered over each other I think. As ever, you still find the words that stop me in my tracks, slow me down and make me think. This lovely poem is no exception. I love being introduced to new people and their thoughts. I think when Scotland calls you will have to take a look at Thomas A Clark. I am a fan.... and he might speak to you also. Take a look and see.

  2. "Tending one's feelings is too difficult, like tending clouds." from "Never Without Our Chidren Cambodia 1975" by Eloise Charet-Calles

    1. Ooh Mo- that reaches right in and grabs your heart. Remarkable, thank you.


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