Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Waxing and waning

With lots of talk of the blue moon, super moon and red moon through the week (which we missed because of cloud cover), the notion of waxing and waning really came to the fore for me when I was playing on the weekend.

I love my wax-wok; an electric wok which lets me manage and control the temperature of the wax beautifully and which means I don't burn myself if I also dip my fingers...

As mentioned in my last post it all happened pretty quickly, so I turned the wok off and kept pottering about.

I walked past the wok and went oooh; now that's nice!!

And so began a series of photos of waning wax.

As the wax cooled it made beautiful marks.  I couldn't get great photos because of the light and shadows if I went right over the top of the wok, but I did enjoy the ones I got.

Here's a short and sweet record of them - enjoy!

If i were any kind of scientists I might have returned every minute to watch how much happened in a minute; as it was I sometimes got distracted (now there's a news break!) but the result is still rather lovely I think.


  1. Delicious indeed Mo - and the smell!!!!!

  2. What lovely, organic shapes - so mushroom-like!

    1. I know - amazing aren't they? I love the lumpy leftover bits; almost like a cake baking as well! Such fun.

  3. i often light a beeswax candle and enjoy that presence. i save the wax and am entranced by the thought of using it in my work, but it's so tricky. so hard to make it do something interesting and not look blobbily waxy. i haven't figured it out, but it looks like you're getting somewhere!

    1. Beeswax smells divine doesn't it? I think the dipping is good and I am sure translucent papers work best for what I have in my mind's eye. If you et the chance one time, may I recommend dipping?!?!


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