Sunday, January 6, 2019

E is for...

We recently joined celebrations for a new bub and I pondered what sort of gift to give...and ended up going with a letterpress print of their first name letter.

I made so many attempts to use my Orphan Annie Es to form a square.  It took me half a day to make  and reject each of them.  I gave it one last shot when I decided to be slightly more methodical than random.

I chose to use the E out of as many typefaces as I could - systematically selecting each one.  Working from 72point to 48 point to 36 point to 24 point and to 12 point to create the square.

The magical mathematical system that is letterpress - why oh why do I try to do random????

There were still a few layout issues and I proofed three versions I think, but ended up here.

And of course, whilst there was still ink to use, I went and did some overprints, creating...I'm not sure what but I do know I'll use it sometime!

 And then it was time to clean the type and put it away...


  1. Thanks Penny - I think it's a nice idea...go well and happy new year!

  2. Fiona - I suspect the trials that didn't make the cut were fascinating in their own right, but you're wise to remind us that oftentimes it pays to be systematic. No doubt your giftees were (or will be) delighted ...

    1. Thank you Liz - it can be a fine balance between the delight of the random and the calm of the structured. This time around tho the order won out easily, but it won't stop me trying to be a little bit random at times!


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