Thursday, January 31, 2019

Thursday Thoughts...

"I’m waiting for the pain 
to set like a sun". 

Nate Pritts

This one is about life.
This one is for everybody who is feeling the heaviness, who is feeling the pain.

Somehow it captures so eloquently how we often just want the pain to go away. To simply end.  Whether it be from depression; from the hard work of grief; or whatever form of sadness, despair or chronic pain has become a constant.

Often, it seems really hard to see an end, and I think these words describe how we would like to think there is an end point to the pain. That there is a cycle and that the pain will be gone in a regular way, just as the sun sets and rises. The words lighten things a bit I think. I'd like to think that waiting for that moment,  understanding that things will be part of a rhythm, is a form of hope.

Perhaps it also indicates, that yes, the pain may rise again as does the sun, but there will be respite in between times.

And so we wait, wanting it to set like the sun.


  1. beautiful photo filled with the glory of mother nature and hope, pain breaks & remakes us all

  2. Yes, the photo is a gorgeous one from the back deck; and so true; pain does what you say exactly. Go well.


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