Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Making and moving along

January is always a big month in our household. For whatever the reason, the stars align and both Barry and I are ready to sort, chop, throw and remove things.  Like a Spring clean in the middle of Summer, both inside and out.

The yard has been a real focus this year and we have both worked really hard chopping down trees and lugging them up to a skip; and also moving I think 16 tonnes of gravel - this morning!

But we are also both motivated to make and have been heading to the studio and getting things done.

This is the plate off the Adana press after I worked out that to print large wood type well, I would get a better result using the proofing press.

The green numbers were overprinted with purple words. Isn't this the most magnificent purple?

And embossed with the deckled edge press logo. Happy 2019!!! Suffragettes and feminists rejoice, this could be our year!

I am working on editioning a series of what I call grief cards.  Cards to send to folk who are grieving.

The de-bossed version on Arches Velin paper.

Illustrations to be added... from my wonderful studio eyrie in the sky.

And a tough one for me - actually finishing a maintenance task!  I had worried about finding the right sort of fasteners for my type sample books and just couldn't find binder rings large enough to hold them all, so decided to split them in two.  Sometimes you just have to adapt and get on with it, rather than wait for the perfect solution to arrive.

So here they are, Set Number 1, parts A and B.

And yay, the pages turn and you can flick through the samples.

And yay, you can open th binders and add in new type samples when you get them!

And I even added binders to my photocopied sets - the one by size and the one by style. But on the side. And we're only a week in!


  1. Replies
    1. It's pretty special up there Mo I do agree. Easily distracted!!

  2. Lovely when a lot of work actually shows that it has been done!
    Love the binders - just right and leaves room/gives hope for a future.

    1. Thanks Sandy - the binders do the trick wonderfully and just as you say, leaving hope for the future. Sometimes it is good to see the result of your hard work...go well.

  3. Nice work all round. The cards are great (I especially like the grief cards) and the binders look so satisfying.

    1. Thanks Dana - I did heave a sigh of satisfaction on their completion! And yes, the grief cards are something I really do like as well. Go well.

  4. F - let us hope there are gains for both suffragettes and feminists in 2019 - we still have such a very long way to go. B

  5. it looks like you've been very busy indeed ! The grief cards are fabulous !

    1. Thanks Annick - I really like the grief cards too; gentle and special and calm...go well.


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