Sunday, February 17, 2019

A printing weekend

Well I certainly got down and dirty with some ink this weekend!  Friday and Saturday, I spent printing the solar plates I made last weekend.  I printed front and back of pages for my book that I am makign in an a edition of 15.

So that was quite a lot of pages and printing.

I was really happy with the way they worked out. The solar plate images are just enough of a hint and the paper took the ink well and generally speaking, so far so good.

My photographs never really do the work justice, but I was trying to hint at the colour of sand here.  The sand I had in my mind versus the sand of the environment I am working with were two different things, so no really bright golden sands.  I tried to come up with a vague colour match and had to head to my trusty palette of etching inks.

I ended up matching it best by using a base of white, a hint of Payne's Grey and a bit more burnt umber. Yay.

And then on Sunday Barry and I printed the letterpress poster commission we have to do.  The pages are quite long and thin (76cm x 28cm) which means you really do need two people to get the paper into position, and to keep it there.

Also we were using Italian type which is that bit higher than US, Australian or UK type. A completely different type high!  which means that it took a lot more effort on the manual proofing press to get the roller over the type.  Always learning.

Large wood type really soaks up the ink, so there was lots of renewals of ink. Simply black this time.

We made a good team and even though it took several hours, we delayed lunch that bit longer so that we could do a few fun things with the type before we cleaned up and dissed it.

Here are some of the lovely images from the leftover ink as we printed it off the type, rather than waste it by taking it off with oil.

The studio now has paper and pages drying everywhere - on every flat surface, as well as hanging by magnet to steel posts!

A huge weekend of printing, but a lot of progress made.


  1. Wow ... the penultimate image really grabbed my attention ... what beautiful texture, likewise the dark over light effect

    1. Thanks Liz - sometimes we have the most fun with the leftovers and scraps - we just keep asking what if? could I try? How about? Go well.

  2. love seeing your work in progress!

    1. Thanks mo - I love watching processes unfurl as well - hope yours are unfurling beautifully right now!

  3. lovely images indeed. Glad you didn't stop...

    1. Sometimes the best appears unexpectedly and when you play I think! Go well.


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