Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Playing with pockets

I have mentioned my current obsession with pockets in women's clothing, and spent some time on the weekend playing around with printing and stitching.  Sometimes studio time can just be fun, and that's how Sunday was.

It was a beautiful sunny day and we had no other commitments so I could potter and play to my heart's content.

So I did.

Here are some fleeting images of the fun.

Playing around with gift tags...

Some sewing with the sewing machine on 300gsm paper...

Luckily just a trial given those inky finger marks all over!

Mucking about trying to work out the size of the pockets to sew - took me three goes to get it down.  The size of the paper changed as we went along as well, but it was definitely worth doing.  Now I have pockets templates for future use I think.

And as I said on Instagram - it's always a good day when you're printing purple!

Even cleaning up makes me happy!


  1. how you made the birds so full of personality with a few simple lines and saturated color ...

    and the pockets ... very intriguing and I'm looking forward to seeing where you're headed

    1. Those wee birds are so funny aren't they Liz? I shall definitely keep making cards with them. And the pockets are getting political! How ell.

  2. the wee birds are magnificent indeed and brought an instant smile on my face

    1. So glad you enjoyed Annick! They do just make me smile as well - and now I have made some cards!


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