Monday, September 23, 2019

Peace, purses and pictures

Saturday was International Day of Peace and Barry and I had hung our peace flags and doves int eh tree at home; and we had also brought a few with us to hang at the cottage.

It is always a bit of a challenge here as the wind can get up quite quickly and seriously so I am never sure they will last any distance.

Here they are at home courtesy of my dad.

We hung a few on the gate to our cottage, and then a few on a side fence that has barbed wire - somehow the barbed wire just seems to make it that more poignant and real.

Before hanging.

On the gate...

And on the barbed wire fence.

It is a day for us to stop and think about peace and the possibilities of peace, even tho we walk in aworld where there is sadness and strife.  I do have hope however, that we can find our way.

On a far less profound note, I am using cash a lot more in Scotland than I do at home.  That means I get more coins and change.  My new wallet does not really accommodate much change, so I have been making do with a tiny ziplock bag.

It fell apart yesterday so I had to think about an alternative.

I had one spare square of fabric that is 10cm x10cm  which I have been using to stitch my coasters (onto the last top!!), and I figured if I cut it in half and stitched the two together then folded it, and stitched a pouch and added a press stud, I should be good.

So I did, just doing a back stitch by hand then finishing with a blanket stitch - so a little purse entirely stitchesdby hand. So far so good, it served me well today.

And because nobody else will really get to see it, don't worry too much about the untidiness of the inside!! I promise you I don't.

And then just because, here are a couple from two different walks we did today. Stunning skies and landscapes.

And what is a trip to the Highlands worth without a coo? Enjoy!


  1. those wild highland coos are so cool!

    1. They are just fabulous Mo - each and every time I see them I am all smiles!

  2. My peace piece is flying. Must take a photo. Thank you.

    1. So happy to hear that Penny - would love to see it! Go well.

  3. your little purse brought to mind a 4th grade project making a small pouch like this one ... blue blanket stitch on taupe wool felt ... long gone, but not forgotten ... thank you for rekindling the memory

    1. How fun Liz! I think this would have suited 4th graders well and I probably still wouldn't have passed! I loved the making of this from nothing but my own thoughts and fingers - it is so rudimentary but full of successes, and it works! Go well.


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