Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Marching and thank you

Well, yesterday across Australia, a lot of women (and many men) marched for justice.  Justice for women who have been raped and sexually assaulted. Justice for women living with, and dying from, domestic abuse. Justice for women who are not safe from harassment in their workplace.

We travelled to Brisbane on the train and joined a couple of thousand folk listening, learning and marching and chanting. After such a dreadful few weeks, it was truly energising to be alongside so many good people.

There were many good posters.

Here we are about to get on the train in our protest t shirts.  Mine was an RBG one - Fight for what you care about, and B's references a long ago story. One of our radio shock jocks called a bunch of women 'feminist fright bats' claiming they were 'destroying the joint' - so we went and bought the tshirts and have worn them regularly since. Both proud feminist frightbats.

And in other quiet news - a commision for a farewell.

A gentle thank you card in a hand made envelope/pouch made of Japanese paper.

It had to be printed inside and out on the same day and I wasn't sure if the front would dry to allow me to print inside without smudging, so covered my bases with a separate thank you which was attached to the outside of the card, just in case.

I also printed on the outside of one so the presenter could have a choice.

Lovely quiet stitching time.



  1. (((Fiona & Barry))) love how you two embody change, Barry's t-shirt is a cracker!

    1. I love the fright bat t shirts Mo - the number of people trying to read it was hilarious - lots of young fellows on the train wondering what on earth...?


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