Sunday, March 28, 2021


 The weather turned sunny late in the week, and the sun appeared after so many grey days.  And we enjoyed it.

Saturday morning was beautiful for gardening - planting sweet peas and removing the weeds that had gone bananas during the warm wet weather. So glad I had mended these old jeans... in my own peculiar fashion.

Saturday afternoon sitting stitching. Trying to catch up on my Covid diary - still finishing February and here we are at the end of March! Stitching is slow business, but oh so relaxing.

Part of me is astounded, as I read back over them, to see how many small moments of change, fear, backwards, and holding we have been through, and we are a fortunate country.  No wonder so many still feel on edge, and on uncertain ground.  Brisbane is facing another outbreak, so we all watch and hold our breath.

Returning from the studio on Saturday B suggested we plate up our planned salad and head to Barooon Pocket Dam for a sunset dinner. Gates close at 6.30pm so we were in and out, but enjoyed a delightful and delicious dinner, the light, and the quiet...

And the moon rose as the sun set...

Sunday I was in the studio doing this and that. Some of which worked, some of which may be re-worked!


  1. F - great escape to have sunset dinner at the dam. Delightful light, moon and the heron. B

  2. sunset/moonrise with an attendant heron ... pure bliss

    and love your visible mending ... thanks muchly for the close-ups!

    1. It was a magical, golden hour Liz. And my stitching/mending is all down to you! I was so impressed by you mending your gardening jeans I tried to follow your excellent guide, but ended up just doing it this way and that...but it kind of worked. Go well.


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