Sunday, April 4, 2021

February - tick! March begins...

 Well, I managed to finish my February hankie this week; so am now officially only a full month behind.  I am taking this as a sign of it is what it is, and I shall get through them as I get through them.  The important things is to record the small daily changes; and stitching them can take the time it takes.

And so, to February

February details over January

As ever, I am in love with the folds and the edges..

And then to choosing which hankie for March.  I realised March has a lot of stitching in it, so went with a hankie with a sturdier weave. I am sure it will hold the stitches well, but it does make for trickier tracing of the words. They are barely visible through the hankie.

Here is my hi-tech approach to handwriting transfer.

All transferred, with one error to fix.

First stitch made! I have begun!


  1. what a beautiful handkerchief ... and having written on cloth, I well-know it isn't easy!

    1. This is a beauty isn't it this hankie? It is stronger than the others, hence the difficulties tracing; but it is holding the stitches very well. A gift from a friend...

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Mo - I am so enjoying the quiet and still moments; and the recording. So many small moments of up and down and round again it seems...go well.


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