Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Shadow Play

 We had so much rain, and so many overcast days that when the sun came out again I was dazzled by the beauty of the light; and of course along came the shadows as well.

Here are a few images of shadow play of late.

The late afternoon sun on one of our baskets was so strikingly beautiful.  The shadow on the wall; and the detail of the basket highlighted in all of its intricate beauty.

This piece from several years with my calligraphy cut/etched into a composite panel which hangs outside our grocer.  It describes the walkway that B designed and the thinking behind it all.  The cut outs of the lomandra which feature in the roof of the walkway were dappling shadow over the work as I walked by the other day - a true delight!

Whilst waiting in the car for Barry...my drink bottle!

Glorious morning sun at the front of our house has brought some lovely moments too.

Through a sculpture onto a planter box.

The jagged edges of Ken's chair.

Our gorgeous little kite...

It is so, so good to have shadows again! The warmth of autumn days bring many gifts and these are some of them.


  1. love looking at the variations in your sign ... especially the ends of the letters "s" and "y" ...

    wishing you continued light with just the right amount of rain (preferably at night)

    1. Thanks Liz - looking at it now, those ys do stand out don't they? And the little twitch on the s was a nice variation; as I look closer it is also on the f and the upper and lower case cC but not with quite the same flair! We often request 10mm of rain overnight - a nice amount and a ta good time! Go well.


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