Sunday, April 25, 2021

Today and yesterday...

Today in Australia is ANZAC Day - when we stop to remember and reflect on war and also peace. Last year was the year we remembered by ourselves; we couldn't gather or march or stand together, so instead we stood at the top of our driveway at 6am and listened to the last post.  This year we could gather again, but I didn't feel like participating publicly too much, so instead we attended the small gathering in the village at 6am which was personal and peaceful.

The rosemary entwined around a candlestick in the early dawn light.

ANZAC biscuits were baked and eaten with a cuppa after the small gathering.

As I walked to the studio things were different... 4 biplanes above me.

There was a kind of traffic jam - the Light Horse Brigade about to form and lead the march down Maple St.

I watched them pass by from down at the studio.

Where I fiddled with this remnant print.

And last night we attended the opening of Editions - the printmaking exhibition at the Old Ambo in Nambour. It was a great night and a beautiful exhibition has been gathered together by our friend Ken and his associate Sandy. Well worth a visit!

5 of my pieces together on a wall.

And returning home from the studio this afternoon - the prunus is flowering - before it has gone into hibernation for winter, so I hope the poor wee thing can hold it together until Spring, but it just seemed to say 'peace'...


  1. Anzac biscuits are new to me ... would love to know if you have a favored recipe (and can answer the question raised on the internet about whether they are better crisp or chewy)

    And I can't help thinking that if we have war departments and police with guns, then those are the things that are perpetuated ... why can't we the people put as much effort into having departments of peace and peace officers that are unarmed???

    1. Oh I love your research Liz! I must admit I favour the softer ones - the hard ones always taste a bit burnt to me. I also flaunt the rules now and then and the ones I made for Sunday also had crystallised (altho we call it naked; no sugar on it) ginger chunks in them. And yes, so much of our thinking needs to be flipped; from peace officers and depts; to stopping making the women do everything to keep themselves safe. Repeating the same ways of thinking doesn't seem to solve things much...

      My preferred recipe is here ( and I use it just as it is...

  2. Replies
    1. Yes Mo - funny how on that day the red said that and I wrote it...go well.


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