Sunday, June 6, 2021


A random gathering of things...

There are a lot of things happening and doing in the studio, no major progress on any one thing, but a feeling of pushing along and discovering, which is nice.

Recently we received a package of linotype, cast for us in NZ.  With this, you have a line of type cast which means you don't have to fiddle with small individual pieces of type.  So we got the name of the press, and ourselves and a few bibs and bobs done.

For example, I can juts slip the line '' into the chase' lock it and print it on the back of all our cards, with no need to set up all those tiny letters. Good plan!

Whilst in Melbourne we basically sold out of Go Girl tea towels.  I also took an oder for ten more so had to get down and inky and print. 

One lovely thing was a woman who ran a women's shelter bought three so the they could be in the kitchen of the refuge, as a subtle reminder...I really like that idea and it is exactly how I think of tea towels - domestic posters, subtle and subliminal messages...and useful!

I had an idea for a small work and wondered if I get an interesting back ground by using wet paper and ink.  So far so good on these 800gsm pieces of card.  They are heavy and solid and yet I like the wispiness of the marks.

And of course, the edges...

It is headed into winter and we are all bit chilly around the edges up here on the mountain.  I love that we can still wander the garden and find moments of brightness.  Our previous garden was much more functional - lot of fruit and veg; here we have more flowers.

This is a small bowl (about 7cm/2.5inches across) with delicate little grevillea flowers resting in it.

We bought a pot of hearts-ease that are black! Usually deep purple and yellow, I loved the look of these. Once again they are tiny, but they add little moments in the office and the kitchen.

And when the light is right, you can see the original purple and yellow.

I love having flowers around, and love that I live in a place and a way where I can gather them in regularly.


  1. the preset linotype is the best sort of marking ... I suspect you will soon wonder how you ever did without it

    1. Yep - it is going to make a difference for all those repeat printed words. yay!

  2. Replies
    1. Me too - I am enjoying their depth and vibrancy.


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