Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Covid hankies plus Covid lockdown

Well, we got the news today that we will be going into a 3 day lockdown from 6pm tonight.  We have watched across the country as new cases appeared; as different cities locked down; hearing borders shut with resounding clangs and were pretty sure ours couldn't be too far away.  

We decided on Sunday that we would cancel our next Sunday morning Celebrating Books event - too risky we thought, and we were right.

So, here we are checking that we are prepared and ready to settle into a very tight lockdown with pretty much no excuse for leaving home, and we think are good to go.

I have mentioned before how amazed I am that I still have so much to stitch about; and I thought I'd show an update of my June information gathering.

June was ticking along with quite regular headlines as we watched what was happening down south.

Then the past 5 days things took off across the country. And in such a way that I am quite literally grabbing post it notes and random notepads to try and capture it all. I write one thing, then within hours it changes. This morning on the national broadcaster there were just rolling press conferences by the States, one after the other... 

And I am still finding time to stitch - never as much as I'd like - but who knows, maybe lockdown will see me finish May before July gets here. Cry-laughing at the likelihood of that!

This one makes me laugh - "We're off war-footing now". So many meaningless phrases.

On the good news front this lovely bundle of remnants appeared in the post from ink & spindle (go look, they are gorgeous) so they are there for playing with if needed.

And in further good news, some spring flowers have popped out early to give us some cheer. I think I will be investigating the garden more now we are stuck at home for a few days.

Mind you, I am not complaining about a 3 day lockdown - it is more than manageable for us; it is necessary at the moment and we are fortunate to be safe and well.  I just am so sorry for what it does to small businesses and casual workers and folk with plans when I think we could have avoided it.


  1. so sorry to hear this ... hoping swift action will nip the outbreak in the bud ... may all be well soon

    1. Thanks Liz - so far so good for us; we come out tonight after the 3 days; Brisbane stays down for another 24 hours. Appendages are crossed!

  2. it's so quiet down here in the Big Smoke with everyone staying home!

    1. Yes, the cities are almost eerie when they lockdown aren't they? Astonishingly different. Stay safe and stay well.

  3. F - crazy times again - but quiet time at home to catch up on bits and pieces we put off. Great photo of rain drenched violet. B

    1. Indeed, time at home is never wasted, nor unwelcome!


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