Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Prints and magic by the sea

Whenever we spend time in Scotland I catch myself saying over and over 'the light, the light!!"
The light there is magical and stops me in my tracks time and again.  I feel the same way when we visit the Maroochy River for our mini-breaks.

Each and every time I look up from the couch - I say "oh, look what the light's doing now" kind of thing. Here are a few examples...

And onto the water...

Can you believe this??? Reflected sunset reflected onto the water.

The morning we said farewell.

 And then lucky me.  I was at home on Saturday doing a few bits (washing those tea towels!!!) whilst B was at the studio.  He was printing his 3D plates and was doing really well. You know when you hit the groove and things get into a rhythm and it all just happens?  He was doing great prints and sending me photos and I said - if you get bored, feel free to print mine - and he did!!!

I am so grateful because they are really good prints.  I would have mucked around for ages and wasted paper and ink and not ended up with as many goodies as I did had I done it myself.

 So on Sunday I returned the favour and printed the titles on the front, and the postcard and press on the back; on both mine and his - team effort!


  1. the light reflecting off the water makes it look like dense kantha stitching ... or perhaps it's the other way around

    1. A lovely thing to see the stitching in the water Liz - it feels like the definition of shimmer to me! So many fragments and stitches of light...

  2. F - good team effort indeed. B

  3. Best team I know! Fantastic work x

    1. Ahhh yay you! Come play with our team one day soon!


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