Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Stitching Paper

Having played with the hi tech world o f 3D printing, it was back to the real me - sitting and slowly poking holes in paper...

The paper is quite heavy (around 800gsm) and 5.5cm square.

I dot up a 0.5cm grid with pencil. And then pierce each hole with an awl.

With no stitching plan in mind, I take needle and thread and stitch.

This way and that; some work better than others.

And then I wonder what to do with them.

This way and that.

That way and this.

Who knows?



  1. Don has just completed an assemblage which includes a rusted metal plate with 36 holes (6 x 6) ... a lovely bit of synchronicity ... post to follow soon

    I love the crescents of light and shadow in the pierced bit held up to the light ... and the red stitching is just the right contrast to the creamy white

    the pairings appealed to me ... being able to compare and contrast the two together makes them most compelling ... and now I'm wondering what stories they might tell

    1. I love how you can see the moon so often in the work Liz - your eye for detail is so well honed. I am truly not sure what they will become. I had to try them this way and that in order to see if they chatted together better one way or another. I think I am settling on something, but still am not sure. Sometimes things start and then slow until they know what they need to be...go well.

  2. Replies
    1. The stitching patterns just appeared as I held the needle and thread in my hand - I had no preconceptions except ones which I ended up ignoring! The pairings are interesting and they sit well together in their different relations. As ever, we shall see...

  3. now I'm wondering what patterns showed up on the other-sides ... which put me in mind of Holbein stitch

    1. To be honest Liz I haven't paid attention to the backs! Shall try to do so today and see what interest lies there...


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