Sunday, June 20, 2021

Even more bits and pieces

 Although I am not pushing one big project forward at the moment, I am dipping into many it seems and definitely enjoying the time! This, that and the others is pretty much how things are rolling...

This - continuing to wrap pebbles with thread and wondering about whether they look OK with this more formal crossed pattern.

And if the formality works with the organic waviness of the marks on the paper.

And then what happens if you play around with stitching ripples.  Tighter or looser? My answer was tighter.

That - still stitching those hankies.  Here is April complete - yay!

Tracing May.

Selecting May's thread colour.

The others - I printed a heap of tea towels and they are taking ages to dry and to set.  I ironed them all on Saturday and was still worried about the marks that had transferred between them when I had had to clear the drying table and fold and stack them before they were ready. I thought I had lost the lot really as there were so many erroneous inky marks.  So home they went and they all got washed to see if a) the main game was set; and b) if the unwanted marks might disappear.

And yay to that.

Clearly a lot of ironing awaits me once more; but I can now sell them confidently knowing that they are in pretty good shape.

Except for this one - the first I printed when I had folded the sides back and out of the way to print, only to find that of course they changed the pressure and I kind of got unintended stripes!  Free to a good home!!!

The other others...

I think this is my best loaf so far. Need to keep practising!

And here I am charging our car at the very first EV charging station in town at the Maple St Coop!!! They are yet to trim the grass, (love a country town) but we were very keen to try it out.


  1. oh no ... I can well imagine your reaction to ink going where it wasn't wanted ... so glad it cleaned up okay ...

    congrats on finishing your April stitching ... I'm behind again, but take heart in knowing I'm not alone

    1. It was a bit disheartening at first and I really thought they were all wasted; but so far so good and I know the ink is well and truly set now. Slow stitching is just that isn't it? I am letting go of being worried about keeping up, steady as she goes and it will happen. You have well and truly done an amazing job so far!!!

  2. you have a Leaf! are you in love with it? I dream of the day when we can buy an EV, I like that the Leaf is fully recyclable but am also hoping Tesla will come up with something affordable soon.

    1. We are very very much in love with our wee car! Fortunately we are seeing the prices come down and if more folk like us buy them then they can begin to move into the secondhand market in a few years time - same with Government fleets I hope. We get a newsletter The Driven which keeps us up to date with all the new EVs coming on the market...figners crossed they get lift off!


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