Sunday, March 26, 2023


 Part of my art plan for the year is to work mostly with things I already have in the studio rather than purchase new items. I don't know why I haven't completely focussed on this idea previously, because I really do rather like the creative response to restraints like these.

So as part of tidying our house and the studio, I came across these images I had photographed and printed for Barry years ago. 

They were placed in this small folder as a reminder for him of some beautiful work. I think there were five in each folder.

This one has had its moments in storage it would seem!

The printer that could produce such stunning velvety blacks is long gone, but I thought it was a shame that nobody got to see them so I pondered to myself could I re-use a few frames and put them together and see what happened?

And so before we headed off I did just that and here are a couple of the results - impossible to photograph given the glass and the light in the studio, but you get the idea...

It's kind of nice to see the original work represented like this I think. A nice result and a way to share them a bit more.


  1. i agree they look great framed. As you say good for sharing.

    1. Thanks Irene, it felt good to give them another life! Go well.


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