Thursday, March 30, 2023

Thursday Thoughts...

“As readers, we are the conductor and the orchestra, as well as the audience” 

Peter Mendelsun (What we see when we read)

I oftentimes find the different ways folk explore the interplay between art and audience, and book and reader, really quite fascinating.

I certainly think that books can change you; and that each person reads a slightly diffenret book.

This quote takes us further along that path I think as it suggest to me that the reader is almost a co-creator with the author/writer.  How else to explain the notion of orchestra and conductor?  Both these roles seem to be either guiding the performance; or literally undertaking the performance.

So perhaps as readers we do both those things as we read - we guide the speed, the memories, the connections and associations; and we also undertake the process of reading - it is us doing it, performing it.  And then the audience is the recipient of the words, the story, the information and that too is us as we read.

Quite a bit of fun trying to get my head into all three roles!

... how to read the music...

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