Sunday, February 11, 2024

Grief is a Stone in pouches

 Having said how lovely I think multiples of the Grief is a Stone cards are, I also think they hold up well as their beautiful individual selves; or as a trio.

Even tho the pebble cards now looked more like small artworks, it felt like they needed something more. Barry suggested popping them in some sort of pouch or covering and my mind went to a lovely white stitched pouch, with a blind embossed pebble on the front and threads hanging loosely.

And I managed to do just that!

I cut the paper to size with the lovely deckled edge at the top and front. I then selected one of the three pebbles that was blind embossed on the cover of the book-et to indicate which poem card was contained within. 

Poem I's pebble blind embossed and the pouches stitched.

Deckled edges and loose threads...

Pome II's pebble pouch.

And poem III's blind embossed pebble pouch.

And the edges of threads...

One of the tricks will be pricing the individual poem cards and book-ets as well as pricing if somebody wants to buy all three. I am never very good at pricing so that will keep me pondering for a bit!

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