Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Cards and more cards...

 Whilst here is MUCH making of artwork for exhibitions, as well as packing and delivering artworks, the regular business of life as a Letterpress studio continues along.  Recently Barry and I have managed to re-stock our cards and feel quite chuffed that we managed to print, illustrate and package so many.

I still get asked if I am 'the grief card lady" on occasions, and am happy to reply "yes, I am". I updated a couple of cards which had basically sold out.

Three muted colour ways.

Packed and sealed and available here.

The mess of the process belies the quiet beauty of the outcome.

These too are now back in stock. With the words "and life will never be the same again"on the inside, they seem to capture the reality of loss and bereavement.

And then it was back to re-stocking regular celebratory type cards as well. Barry helped out so much - he set and printed nearly all of these, whilst I added the illustration/decoration.

And I re-printed some of these soft and lovely pebble cards, based on a couple of my watercolours back here. The first is the warm pebbles.

This one is the cool pebbles.

It feels good to have a range of cards available again. Not all are on the website shop, but if anybody is interested, just drop me an email or a comment...

Or, I just thought I could try something and see if I can create a link to purchase a particular item...so here goes. I won't actually know if it works till the blog post goes live so its a bit hit and miss...but fingers are crossed!

EDIT: The links work! So if you are interested in any others, I can arrange that too! Also, the postage would not be what it says in the system - just a bit too complicated for me to modify -  I would arrange to refund you. But also - just email and it might be easiest that way.


  1. your words touch my heart each time I read them ... and the spare beauty of your art

    1. So kind of you Liz. The words do seem to find a place in people's hearts as they reach out to folk who grieve. Go well.


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