Sunday, April 14, 2024

Pebbles, Stones & Rocks opens soon...

 Our lovely wee showing "Pebbles, Stones & Rocks" opens next Saturday and runs until Sunday 12 May, open Friday-Sunday, 10am - 4pm.

This weekend has been very much about cleaning up and clearing out the studio space to make it lovely for the work as it arrives and as we begin to hang and display it. Once again I am showing with my three friends - Tory Richards, Susan Bowers and Stephanie McLennan. Together we did the Red Thread exhibition back in 2021.

For this showing I pondered pebbles and stones, and explored how grief has so many connections to them. The way grief feels heavy and burden to be carried; how its rough and raw edges can cut nad tear; and how over time the edges are smoothes, and the weight becomes bearable.

I also celebrated the beauty of pebbles and their role as memory holders, part of our collections of travel and place, and the joy that is sparked when we hold them in our hands and remember. My first steps in silver jewellery making have been taken, with the series of pebble-inspired pendants and earrings called "recollections".

Today I will show my jewellery selection and on Tuesday I will show the final grief work. I have been working on this series since returning from Scotland, and learning much and finessing my skills over time.

The silver jewellery comes in lovely boxes with a wrap and a tag which on the underneath side shows the jewellery inside.

The earrings sit nestled in a black insert. All of the shapes are pebble-like, nothing perfect, nothing fully circular, all allowing a little bit of movement and play. I like the layering of the pebbles and the movement; and also the delicacy and lightness.

The pendants come in the same boxes, just larger, and again have layers of pebbles forms and differing finishes.

I also created silver stud earrings for folk and placed them in some lovely old tins, alongside a pebble for memory, and some words on warm beeswax-infused paper. There are 6 pairs of studs, and one single stud - seven tins all up.

Because I am a collector of pebbles of all sorts, I rummaged through the collections and tried to find seven matching pairs, which I thought could become tactile and warm pebble studs. Set with sterling silver findings, here they are in their smart black boxes!

And then I wondered about having real pebbles as drops, and with some help from B to drill the tiniest of holes and set the findings in; these are what I am calling sibling stone earrings - where the pebbles are not perfectly matched (or twinned) but rather are definitely related...

I have made a few pairs as clip ons, and all the silver earrings can also be turned into clip ons. The studs not so much!

I really do love the pebble form and have been thrilled to have the opportunity to develop work and develop my skills in this new way.


  1. here's a story to add to your collection: four-year-old Ellis is endlessly fascinated by your five PEACE pebbles ... each week when she visits she gathers them up and gifts one or more of them to us ... she is delighted when we are able to "guess" which pebbles are left after we are allowed to look at the pebble(s) we've been given

    1. Oh this warms my heart so much! What a delightful story, and a beautiful weekly experience for you all... thank you!

  2. I share your love for pebbles and stones. You've created some lovely pieces. Walking up our dry (for the rest of spring and summer) creekbed, I can't resist looking for stones to slip into my pockets.

    1. And that Stephanie, is why women need pockets! I love having a pebble in my pocket, just to hold, rub, and remember... go well.


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