Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Bundles before burning

 I mentioned here about my plans, thoughts, experiments around burning bundles for a piece of artwork for the Scottish exhibition.

I received some excellent advice around perhaps dampening down the cord before putting it through the flame, which I did this time around and which gave me much more control. I got quite a good length of cord slightly singed and smoked.

And then onto the bundles before...

The autumn/winter light in the studio is lovely. I particularly enjoy how the sun moves through the foliage to the north of the studio and produces little dancing moments on the concrete floor.
 Into this dappled light I placed my bundles to photograph.

They are truly beautiful and part of me looks on anxiously as I consider singeing them, hoping not to burn them too much...

Perhaps that is why I chose to photograph them before! This way I will always have a reminder of how beautiful they were.

Especially in that dappled, dancing light.

I spent some time singeing things that may become parts of the bundles, and smoking them. The look and feel is definitely coming together.

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  1. The bundles are enchanting and the light lends a wistful transient beauty to them.


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