Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Three scrolls complete

 The major and central work of the exhibition Scotland is a cascade of seven hand-stitched scrolls. Household inventories.  I have enjoyed finding the fabric, and stitching it together (learning how to do hand stitched run and fell seams) and now the hard slog of stitching all the items onto each scroll is underway in earnest.

I have finished three of them and am almost finished the fourth which is the longest. and holds the most words It will feel good to have cracked 4/7!

The dappled studio light has been delightful yet again and gives them a dreamy kind of look I think. Each scroll is stitched using a different colour and hopefully they will all complement each other and look as if they belong in the Highlands.

Here is number 4 scroll underway. For some reason I have decided to stitch from the bottom up!

And dried Australian eucalyptus leaves also look lovely in the light. It is good to stop amongst the busy-ness of life and smile at small moments of beauty.


  1. I love how the words wander from one side to another ... and the jumble of ephemeral (potatoes, grain) amongst permanant items (griddle, butter churn) ... likewise raw materials (wool, thread) versus completed items (shawl, bonnet) ... such thought-provoking lists

    1. It has been an interesting project/process looking through books and images and descriptions to imagine all of the items which may have been in what appeared to be a humble home - so many small thing. Trying to gather them all up in a rush and make safe with them is kind of the muddled and rambling feeling across the fabric - no tidy order was possible...


I appreciate your thoughts and comments; thanks for taking the time.