Wednesday, August 12, 2009

From little things...

These two pieces have been on the road and away for a while, and I'm happy to have them home. They have been on display in Japan, then in Brisbane and finally at the Library here in Maleny. They are books I made using black bean pods and banana paper and they rest on cedar plinths. The black bean pod grows only on one tree in our town that I know of, but when it falls, and the seeds come out, it begins to dry and twist into this beautiful, elegant shape.

The books get their name from the the Australian song "From little things, big things grow" by Paul Kelly. They symbolise for me that yes, big trees can grow from tiny seeds (although these aren't small), but also that knowledge and understanding of the world often grows through books and reading. Indeed, from little things...

If you would like to listen to a contemporary version of Paul Kelly's song, created following our Government's Apology to the Stolen Generation there is a great video here.

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