Sunday, August 30, 2009

Practice and Preparation

I managed to spend Friday in the studio! It was a very Fiona type day - a bit of this and a bit of that but I felt by the end of it I had done some practice and some preparation for the exhibition, and made progress. I have learned that I spend a lot of time in my head planning and preparing, then I practice then finally I do - and the doing usually happens quite quickly.
I also know I like to work on several projects at once - that way I don't get bored.
So I painted a background for a joint piece I am doing with Barry; did some trial runs for a piece I am doing for a Japanese friend; worked my way through some difficult folds for books and sat quietly bending wire into flowers as you do.

Here are a couple of the trial run books I made


  1. That is really a fun construction! Is it all paper? Will you add a calligraphic element to it?

  2. Hi Kim

    Yes I made a couple of mock-ups using Canson Mi Teinte paper - it is firm enough to hold a good fold and the colours contrast well.

    When I make the real books I expect one will have calligraphy in it alongside some sketches and the other will most probably just have some etchings.

    As ever, that is Plan A and who really knows what will eventuate!



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