Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pens in Perth

A recent trip to Western Australia was filled with galleries and public art. We really enjoyed the many sculptures that were scattered through the streets of Perth as well as two sculpture-specific "galleries".

We found this piece on our first morning in Perth and it was a lovely welcome for a calligrapher and their fellow traveller who loves pens. It can be found at the corner of The Esplanade and Barrack St, and is called Memory Markers. It was inspired by the process of recording and documenting history and the written memories of Stirling Gardens, Western Australia's first botanical gardens. It reminds me of the importance of writing down stories and capturing the fleeting moments so that our history can be held.

We also visited Gomboc Gallery in the Swan Valley - 4.5 hectares of sculpture garden, ever-changing; as well as Understory in Northcliffe - a 1.2km forest trail with permanent and ephemeral sculptures located at varying points along the way.

Both are definitely worth a visit and I'll write more about Understory I am sure.

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