Thursday, August 20, 2009

Logs and Life Part 1

I have decided that life is one big roller coaster and basically, you just get on and ride! In amongst what has been a most hectic month or so with work-work; I have been pursuing this weird and wonderful request. It started when I was asked to write on some timber 'pebbles'. David Linton is a master wood craftsman who has both a workshop and a shopfront in our town. He made our dining table and chairs and is a true artisan. Anyhow, he asked me to write some inspirational words on some of his timber pebbles - as reminders and gifts for some people. I did this and he really enjoyed them.

Afterwards he asked if I could write out a longer quote on a big piece of timber he had set aside, to act as an entrance post to his shop. What do you do? You say - I don't know, but I'll give it a try. After a trial run with different inks and the like, we agreed to have a go. On Monday this week I spent the day at his workshop - in amongst so much timber - and wrote. It was the most challenging piece of writing I have ever done - the log is so heavy it had to be put in place mechanically and just rested down and backwards (interesting, when most calligraphers write up and sloped slightly forwards).

Here is the project before it interesting set up, but oh what a marvellous piece of timber. It's pretty much done now; but I'll wait until it's in situ and all OK before posting the final pics. Stay tuned!

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  1. What a cool project to be a part of... I'm really looking forward to seeing the final result in place! Thank you for sharing this beautiful project with us!


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